About Pride of the Hills Manufacturing

Oil & Gas production in the Utica and Marcellus regions are demanding applications requiring experienced suppliers and proven solutions. Equipment installed and the after sales support you receive from your supplier have a significant impact on your ROI.

Family owned and operated for 40 years, Pride of the Hills Mfg. values our employees and customers over all else. Having strong roots in the Appalachian Basin and located in Central Ohio we pride ourselves on being a knowledgable partner our customers can rely on. We believe by working together we can be sure that the systems delivered will meet or exceed the customer's needs and maximize the potential of their investment.

A statement from Curt Murray, Sr. President & CEO

"Personal and professional Integrity are the foundations of our business. I'll only commit to provide our very best products for our customers, nothing less. I will not compromise quality or safety for any reason. Quality Assurance begins and ends with meeting our customer's specialized needs. Our experience in production system design, knowledge of automation and measurement equipment coupled with expert customer service gives us a natural advantage in helping our customer's identify the best solutions for production."

Curt Murray Sr., founder and President of Pride of the Hills Mfg., has been an active Custom Designer and Manufacturer in the North American Oil and Natural Gas Industry for forty years. A Manufacturing Engineer by trade, Curt Sr.'s, leadership and entrepreneurial skills are deeply rooted. A strong work ethic and genuine interest in helping others have enabled Curt Sr. to thrive and benchmark in a sometimes volatile Industry.

From their early beginnings in 1974, Pride of The Hills, Mfg., has been a family business committed to up holding traditional family values and providing life-long mentoring and career opportunities for their local community and neighbors. Today, Curt Sr., his wife Peggy, son Curt Jr. and daughter Tammy are industry leaders in Oil & Gas Production, Gas Processing, Gas & Fluid Measurement, and Automation. Accompanied by a growing staff of Engineers & Design Draftsmen, Production Managers, Administrators and Expert Fabricators; Curt Sr.'s intimate involvement with his customers is still key to his business success.

As you view our web site we hope that all of the aspects of our philosophy will come through to you.